Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Awesome Weekend!!

This weekend my family reunited with our foster brother! (really, just brother) We have not seen Brendan in 20 years. Brendan, Jodi, James, Brennan and Melissa arrived Sunday night, and the fun began! We were able to enjoy many different things, but most of all we enjoyed getting to know Brendan again, and meet Jodi, James, Brennan and Melissa. The kids had an absolute blast, and so did the adults! I am going to attach a few pics of our visit! Olivia absolutely loved having new "tousins"! Enjoy the pictures
The kids at the end of the zoo!!
Brennan, James, Olivia and Melissa

Jodi and the Tulip tree

Melissa, (Yalissa or Just Tousin to Olivia)

Olivia deciding to pose with Aunt Jodi

Our little monkeys
Olivia, Brennan, James and Melissa
We definitely should have included our favorite little Monkey (Hudson)
Olivia and her Papa!!

Crazy Man saying "Heese" (aka cheese)


My girl Olivia after making mud pies


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