Friday, January 30, 2009

Hudson Walking!

This will be my last post, but I wanted to send a picture of Hudson Walking...sorry it is sideways!

First Haircut!!

We took Hudson for his first haircut today! He did a great job participating! I will post a few pictures! We took both kids for ice cream after their haircuts, so I will include those as well!

First Boo Boo!!

So, Hudson is starting to walk, and last night he got his first bruise!! He hit his head on his dresser drawer!! He was laughing within minutes, and was playing shortly after! Don't mind the spaghetti-o remnants on his shirt!! ;)

Playing in our "snow" ---

Olivia Sings!!

When Hudson is sad or crying this is what Olivia sings to him!!

We had a great Christmas this year! I will attach a picture of our tree that was only knocked over 3 times!! I will send a couple of the kids as well! The tree was solely decorated by Olivia. I decided that since everything would be removed at some point by the little man of the house, she could decorate!! She had an absolute blast!

Olivia really got the whole Santa thing this year! Since she remembers everything, I realized on Christmas Eve that I had forgotten to get special "Santa" wrapping paper. So, I staged a phone call from Santa to tell him he could borrow some we already had at home. The story worked, so she picked out the paper for him to use. It was cute.
Then Christmas Eve night, I kept trying to get her to go to sleep, but she kept trying to stay awake so she could see him. She stayed up well into the night in order to try to catch a glimpse!! It was a really fun Christmas!!

The Big Birthday Party!!

We had Hudson's birthday party at our church, and had a circus theme!! It was a wonderful blast! Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated his special day with us!!

Hudson turned 1 on December 3rd!!

Hudson's One Year Pics!!