Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mommy - we don't "yike" orange!

So, the other night Olivia went and got the newspaper and told me she was needing to read it. She went to her playroom, and had the paper all out of the package. She came running in to me with the sports section. She pointed to this picture, and this was our conversation that followed:

Olivia: Mommy I can't read this part

Me: I know baby, reading is hard, but we will learn.

Olivia: No Mommy, I can't read it because we don't "yike" orange.( as she is pointing to the O on the baseball hat! )

At least I am starting them young!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Olivia is 4

I don't know where the last four years have gone, but our little Olivia turned 4 Saturday! It is hard to fathom she is this old. Each day she masters something new, or says something so funny, we crack up! She has brought us more joy in the last four years than we could ever have imagined experiencing. She has been an amazing little girl to raise to this point, and we look forward to getting to know her better and better!

Her birthday party was themed " Prehistoric Luau", she loves dinosaurs and wanted palm trees! We were able to decorate it, and make it awesome for her!! She had family come in from out of town, and 6 of her "old" cousins were able to stay and spend the entire day with her! She had a fairy tale day for her! After the official party, the older cousins joined us as we went to the creek right by our house! They searched for crawdads, and just had an overall great day! I will attach pictures from her special day!

April -- 2009 -- Better late than never!

So, I totally stunk at blogging for the entire month of April! What was I thinking??
Anyway, I will attach a few pictures from Easter, and just some random shots of the kids! We had a great month of April. Hudson had his tube surgery, and has felt so much better. He is starting to say lots of new words, and really attempting to communicate with us! At the end of April, I turned 30, so my entire family went to Branson to celebrate! I have also attached pictures from that trip!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Day!! - March 28, 2009

Today we were blessed with about 6" of snow!! Olivia was so excited to see it snow! We finally went out to play in the snow, Olivia and I made a snowman! It was Olivia's first snow man to ever make!

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow, and we can get rid of this nasty stuff!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cute Olivia story!!

On Wednesday nights Olivia goes to church, and totally loves it! Last night we were discussing what she had learned, and here is how our conversation went:

Olivia: "Mama, Pastor Mike (our children's pastor) taught me everything I ever need to know
Me: Wow, what did he teach you?
Olivia: "Salt melts ice"

I just cracked up, just to think if that was all we ever really needed to know! What the topic was though, I have since found out, was that we are to be the salt and the light to the Earth. I just loved my precious 3 (almost 4) year old's take on things.

And, for good measure, I thought I would attach an old pic of Livi. I can't believe how much she has grown!!

Olivia - 3 Months

Olivia - 3yrs. 10months

Poor Baby Hudson!

On Monday, Shawn and I had to take Hudson to an appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. Hudson has had 6 or 7 ear infections in the last 6 months. His pediatrician recommended him for tubes, so we went to the ENT. The audiologist checked his hearing, and he has severe hearing loss. So, next Friday, April 3, Hudson has to get tubes and have his adenoids removed. I know this is a minor thing, but to the mommy involved it feels pretty major!

Since we were talking about ENT, the nose made me think of this pic! He will probably kill me for this one day! ;)

OVERLOAD!!! Pictures to follow:

Shawn, Olivia, Hudson and I went last week and had family pictures made. Shawn had an extended long weekend, so we decided it was time to do this feat again! We love the pictures, and are very pleased by how they turned out!

FYI: They took 77 Pictures!!

So, the last picture I attached is one of my favorites!! Hudson looks like he is saying "Ding, I am DONE!!!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Awesome Weekend!!

This weekend my family reunited with our foster brother! (really, just brother) We have not seen Brendan in 20 years. Brendan, Jodi, James, Brennan and Melissa arrived Sunday night, and the fun began! We were able to enjoy many different things, but most of all we enjoyed getting to know Brendan again, and meet Jodi, James, Brennan and Melissa. The kids had an absolute blast, and so did the adults! I am going to attach a few pics of our visit! Olivia absolutely loved having new "tousins"! Enjoy the pictures
The kids at the end of the zoo!!
Brennan, James, Olivia and Melissa

Jodi and the Tulip tree

Melissa, (Yalissa or Just Tousin to Olivia)

Olivia deciding to pose with Aunt Jodi

Our little monkeys
Olivia, Brennan, James and Melissa
We definitely should have included our favorite little Monkey (Hudson)
Olivia and her Papa!!

Crazy Man saying "Heese" (aka cheese)


My girl Olivia after making mud pies


Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Day!!

Today was a beautiful day! The kids and I went to the park, and had a blast! Here are some pictures!